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The Ward Parino Family Grant

Schools To End Poverty (S.T.E.P) Inc. is proud to announce that we have secured the generous and compassionate WARD/PERINO FAMILY GRANT in the amount of $160,000.00 US dollars to further serve our children! We were able to utilize this money immediately to continue the humanitarian work in Vietnam to make a positive difference in many children's lives. 

1)Te-Phan Orphanage supports 89 plus children of which about 50% are challenged. S.T.E.P. has been involved with this orphanage since 2007. The roof continually leaked and a sewer line repeatedly backed up creating health issues for all. We had the roof and sewage fixed many times. In 2017, the landlord found Te-Phan orphans temporary housing and built a new orphanage on the site of the original location. It is a magnificent 5 story state-of-the-art building equipped with many facilities to help children with disabilities, including an elevator. The orphanage had a mortgage of $96,000.The grant provided $105,000.00. for them to pay off the $96,000 mortgage and purchase a year's supply of hard food substances (meat, fish, chicken, pork). The donor also stipulated that they should throw the children “one heck of a pizza party”! Below shows the results of their new home and party.

vn te phan pizza party.jpg

Pizza Party

vn 19 Tephan larry and kids.jpg
vn19 tephan group kids close up.jpg

Gathering Room

vn 19 tephan little kids performing.jpg
vn 19 tephan desks.jpg

One of Two Classrooms

vn 19 rehab chairs and kids.jpg
vn 19 tephan ball playing.jpg

Large Playroom

vn 19 tehan beds.jpg


2) The Rose School, our very first school, has been trying for six years to get Smart Boards to develop and enhance their education curriculum for the Montagnard children that they serve in the Central Highlands. The grant gave $10,000 for four new Smart Boards for the 3-5 year old children.  During our 2023 trip, the teachers demonstrated lessons using the Smart Boards in the classrooms. 

step 23 rose  class .jpg
vn rose white boards.jpg

3) In the Gan Reo Village, the K'ho tribe was in desperate need for a local school to involve and educate about 80 Montagnard children, ages 3 to 5, from different religious and non-religious families. 

The grant provided $45,000 to build a school with five classrooms including girls and boys bathrooms in each, an administrative office, medical office, and a kitchen. Below are pictures taken during our 2023 visit.

gan rio whole group with heart.jpg
step ganreo school 1.jpg
step ganreo school 2.jpg


step gan reo24 left seating best.jpg
step ganreo 24 right seating best.jpg
step ganreo 24 playground 2 best.jpg
step ganreo 24 playground 3.jpg


STEP 23 ganreo bathroom doors decorated .jpg
step ganreo 7 kitchen.jpg



step ganreo 24 nurse office .jpg

Medical Office with S.T.E.P.'s Nurse, Donna

step ganreo 24 almost napping .jpg
step ganreo 24 lockers.jpg

Children's Closets

step ganreo 24 napping 2_edited.jpg


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