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The Rose School


The Rose School was built in 2007 and was S.T.E.P.'s first completed premier school for 500 three to five year old Montangnard children. Located in the Central Highlands in DaLot, it reaches children from 6 different ethnic tribes. The main school consists of 11 classrooms, 4 bathrooms, a music room, library, kitchen, large meeting room and administrative offices.  The initial cost to construct this school was $120,000. Since it was built, S.T.E.P. has provided an elevator, water treatment system and a new auditorium. 

The most recent contribution was with the Ward/Perino Family Grant which provided them with four Smart Boards to enhance the curriculum for these eager students. 

In 2019, S.T.E.P. visited the completed addition of the ever-growing Rose School. They welcomed us with a parade, games, songs, and a performance worth noting how well our money is invested. 

Our 2023 visit witnessed the increased enrollment of the Rose School to 700 Children and the many activities available to these children.  

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