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Te Phan Orphanage

The Te Phan Family Shelter currently houses 89 abandoned, disabled children and has been our focus of support since 2007. 

S.T.E.P. and S.T.E.P. travelers have provided home and school supplies, wheelchairs, funds for doctor visits and physical therapy for the children. Previously we have purchased repairs for the old building including a leaking roof, a stair railing, refrigerator, and clothes dryer. The roof continually leaked and a sewer line repeatedly backed up creating health issues for all. We had the roof and sewage fixed many times.  In 2017, the landlord found the Te-Phan orphans temporary housing and built a new orphanage on the site of the original location. It is a magnificent 5 story state-of-the-art building equipped with many facilities to help children with disabilities, including an elevator.  

We honor the Ward/Perino Family who paid the mortgage of this new orphanage at a cost of $96,000 and a year's supply of hard food substance (fish, chicken, pork) and a huge celebratory party for the children. Graditude also goes to our anonymous supporter who generously donates the orphanage's yearly supply of rice at the current cost of $6,000 a year. 

These two children below and 87 more are under the miracle care of Sister Minh Thu and Brother Binh fostering love and their musical talents at the orphanage. They are featured on a Vietnamese children's talent show playing "You Raise Me Up". Nhi 16 years old, an accomplished pianist and singer, was abandoned at the orphanage at 6 months old, blind due to complications at the hospital. Hoang is 6 1/2 years old, blind and plays the piano, melodica and harmonica.

Also below we share pictures of us visiting their home and bringing the children for ice cream, to a restaurant, and site seeing. 

vn 20 super kids show nhi and kid.jpg

Click Pictures Below for Music

vn 19 nee playing piano.jpg
vn 19 tephan kids and supplies.jpg
vn 19 ni and blind kid.jpeg
vn19 tephan group kids close up.jpg
vn 19 Tephan larry and kids.jpg
vn 19 rehab chairs and kids.jpg
vn 19 tephan desks.jpg
vn 19 tephan ball playing.jpg
vn 19 tepan tables.jpg

Ward/Perino Family Pizza Party

vn te phan pizza party.jpg
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