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Gan Reo Village in DaLat


Our recent 2019 trip revealed S.T.E.P.'s newest focus of emergency and educational needs. In Gan Reo, the K'ho tribe was in desperate need for a local school to involve and educate the Montagnard children.

Students from Felix Festa and Suffern Middle School have raised funds for STEP's missions.  Also, the generous Ward/Perino Grant provided $45,000 to build a school with five classrooms including girls and boys bathrooms in each, and an administrative office, medical office, and a kitchen.  

Continuing our commitment for a healthy school and learning environment, in 2024 S.T.E.P, purchased a clean water system for the students and faculty. 

To date 80 children, ages 2-5, from different religious and non-religious families in the village are offered free day care and education. Below are some July 2022 and November 2023 pictures of the amazing school in action. 

STEP 23 ganreo rotary banner .jpg
gan rio whole group with heart.jpg

STEP Travelers, Local Officials, and School Teachers

gan rio step travelers bannor .jpg
STEP 23 Ganreo Ed HOw banner .jpg
STEP 23 Ganreo how ed tano sis.jpg
step ganreo 24 nancy dana .jpg
gan rio step board and sisters.jpg
gan rio organge outfits.jpg


step ganreo school 1.jpg
step ganreo school 3.jpg
step ganreo school 2.jpg
step ganreo classroom.jpg

Nap Time 

step ganreo napping 1.jpg
step ganreo 24 napping 2.jpg


step ganreo 24 kitchen sinks.jpg
step ganreo 8 kitchen.jpg
step ganreo 7 kitchen.jpg

Medical Office with our nurse Donna

step ganreo 24 nurse office .jpg


STEP 23 ganreo bathroom doors decorated .jpg
step ganreo 24 urinal dck .jpg
step ganreo school 5jpg.jpg


step ganreo 24 playground 2 best.jpg
step ganreo 24 playground 3.jpg

Clean Water Project

24 vn ganreo water project 1.jpeg
24 vn ganreo water project 2.jpeg
24 vn ganreo water project 4 jpeg.jpeg
24 vn ganreo water project 3.jpeg
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